This Jewish Dress is Making Leftists and Muslims Mad

They just can't help themselves.

Israeli culture minister Miri Regev infuriated leftist and Islamist bigots when she appeared at Cannes wearing a dress that celebrated the liberation of Jerusalem from Muslim colonial occupation and its reunification as a historic Jewish city.


The radical anti-Israel left of Haaretz lost its mind and screamed that it was a. "colonialist horror movie". 

The anti-Semites at the Independent labeled the dress "colonialist". Somehow Israel's original history was colonialist.

The Times of Israel and the JTA, outlets that have turned increasingly anti-Israel, put up articles promoting anti-Israel attacks aimed at Regev on Twitter. 

Pakistan Daily was none too happy either. But it is a good thing to remind leftist bigots and Islamist supremacist that their attempts to revise history will fail. And their hatred, from the Independent to the Times of Israel, only reveals what they truly are.