Princeton Chose Minority Students Based on Amount of "Cultural Flavor"

Read on if you want to be sickened.

We all know affirmative action is racist. It's racist in the most direct legal sense of the term. It privileges some and dispossess others based on skin color. But it's also internally racist.

Colleges routinely break the law to, openly or covertly, practice affirmative action. But, if grades are not a qualifier and skin color is, how do colleges decide which minority students to take? Here's what a Federal investigation of Princeton's practices turned up.

Of a Hispanic applicant, an admissions officer wrote, “Tough to see putting her ahead of others. No cultural flavor in app.” Of a black student, another said, “Very few African Americans with verbal scores like this.”

At times, the documents show, admissions officers twist themselves into bizarre knots as they consider — and dance around — the issue of applicants’ race. “Were there a touch more cultural flavor I'd be more enthusiastic,” one officer wrote of a Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

So the real metric is "cultural flavor". Which means admissions people deciding how black or Hispanic a student is.

Affirmative action means that it's not the student's skills that matter. It's how much they fit some white leftist's idea of a minority. And how much "cultural flavor" they have..

Racial bias in admissions is a national crisis. Colleges are keeping down students who could make a contribution while focusing on the sorts of crybullies who will stage protests and burn down buildings. 

Princeton’s admissions officers repeatedly wrote of Asian applicants as being difficult to differentiate, referring to them dismissively as having “very familiar profiles,” calling them “standard premeds,” or “difficult to pluck out.” The comments were noted by civil rights investigators at the Education Department as they probed allegations of racial bias in the school’s admissions system.

An investigator questioned an admissions officer after an Asian student was described eagerly by a counterpart as a “first-generation Chinese student whose own life has not been easy, trying to make the lives of others better through service. One of the best we’ll ever see from [high school].”

The second officer was less enthusiastic. “Perfectly able and appealing,” the officer wrote. “Very familiar profile.”

"Bright premed, but like many others," another

And who needs bright premeds when you have leftists already involved in some kind of activism or volunteerism.

The whole thing is deeply racist and creepy.

When one reader called an applicant's Native American heritage "appealing", the other noted that the only place the boy had mentioned the heritage was in a checkbox on his Common Application. He called himself "a white boy," the admissions officer noted.

And has the flavor of anthropologists collecting interesting specimens for Princeton.

Admissions officers were only asked once about a time when they explicitly mentioned an applicant's Asian background as a positive — a half-Korean, half-Hispanic applicant that the officer called a "neat blend."

Affirmative action. It's racist toward everyoone.