Montana: Even With the Game Rigged, the Left Can't Win

The Obama DNC bet big on a 50 state strategy which would be proven by throwing resources into winning special elections. Special elections tend to have low turnout. And throwing a ton of money into low turnout elections backed by highly motivated leftists seemed like a good plan.

Except it has yet to work. It's rattled Republicans. And Dems have patted themselves on the back for making Congressional races closer than they should have been. But it's not enough. So far all they have to show for it are wins in some some local races.

And then Montana turned wide open. After a Guardian activist began harassing the now Congressman Gianforte a scuffle ensued. Jacobs, the activist for the left-wing paper, claimed Gianforte had assaulted him. His story was backed up by FOX's Alicia Acuna. Though she has now begun walking it back. Montana newspapers pulled their endorsements of Gianforte. 

It seemed like the Dems really couldn't lose this one. Bernie's candidate would win in Montana. The DNC would prove it could run leftists and win in red states.

But no cigar. Despite rigging the election, the left still lost. All that money. All those efforts. All that hate. For nothing.

If Dems can't win a rigged election, what can they win?