Racist Thugs Who Attacked Anti-Racist College Prof Have a List of Illiterate Demands

You may have seen the story of Bret Weinstein before. 

Students are calling for the resignation of an Evergreen State College professor who questioned the school’s request that white people vacate campus during a day-long event for people of color.

White students and faculty members were being told to vacate the campus for the day.

The decision did not sit well with Professor Bret Weinstein, who sent an all-staff email arguing that the new approach radically changes the nature of the event from aspirational to condemnatory.

The missive became public, resulting in an on-campus confrontation Wednesday between Weinstein and student protesters, in which Weinstein attempts to engage in dialogue with the students, who in turn call him a “piece of shit” and ask for his resignation, as seen in video footage of the altercation.

Now there is a list of "demands" which begin with suspending Professor Weinstein, suspending the officer who intervened to protect him and ends with removing the video of their abuses.

But first they'd like to have veto power over the Student Code of Conduct and be paid for it. Because it's the code of conduct that's the problem and not their thuggery.

The coalition of black students and students of color that are submitting these demands will nominate 5 black students to inhabit a Student Code of Conduct Task Force by the end of Spring Quarter 2017... The task force will do no labor other than review changes presented and say yes or no. The students placed on that task force will each be paid a stipend of $500 a quarter until the Student Code of Conduct is approved. We demand that no one is charged with a student code of conduct violation until these revisions are finalized. No one is charged for the demonstrations of the past two weeks beginning May 14th.

This is based on the black fragility claim that all the hateful social justice activism is "unpaid labor". Pay the racists to veto any code of conduct that holds them accountable. Why do you expect them to hate you for free?

We demand that Officer Timothy O’Dell be fired and (Suspended during the investigation)suspended without pay while an investigation takes place. We demand Officer O’Dell be fired if he is guilty of using excessive force and aggression when responding to student protesting. When responding to the call made by Brett Weinstein, O’Dell did not ask questions. O’Dell started violently pushing through students who were trying to protect black students. O’Dell was asked to stopped and students expressed that they weren’t dangerous

Whom did these students need to be "protected" from? A middle aged lone biology professor.

We demand that police services sell all of their lethal and less than lethal weapons and donate the money to manifestation of demands enumerated here.

Or maybe the weapons could be sold to fund English classes for the demandees.

We demand mandatory sensitivity and cultural competency training for faculty, staff, administrators, and student employees.

And extra gulags.

We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration this Friday.

Good luck with that. Maybe they can create an Internet Censorship committee to be paid $500 every quarter to decide what videos are allowed to appear on YouTube.

We demand that Officer Timothy O’Dell be fired and suspended without pay while an investigation takes place.

Fired and suspended.

Maybe there should be an investigation of how these illiterate idiots were accepted into Evergreen State and why. And why they displaced qualified students who might have benefited from an education.

But since colleges are run by left-wing cowards, some of these demands have already been met.

Evergreen President George Bridges held a meeting on Friday, May 26 to respond to student demands addressing racism, anti-blackness, and police on campus

Bridges complied with many of these demands, but said  “I have no plan to disarm the police at the point” and he would not fire anyone or discuss any personnel matters based on student requests

The steps Bridges did agree to take include the creation of an Equity and Multicultural Center on campus; mandatory anti-bias and cultural competency training for all faculty and staff beginning Fall 2017; the creation of a retention specialist position for supporting undocumented students; and increased budget for First Peoples’ Advising.

In his official statement, Bridges mentions,

As of today, we’re not contemplating any action associated with the demonstrations of the last two weeks, but we can’t control what complaints we might receive. If we receive complaints, we’ll need to follow up on them.

We reaffirm our commitment to continuing our work to revise the student conduct code, with significant contributions from students at the center of the process.

Students will work on the code with staff over the summer, as well as work on other strategic initiatives. Students will be paid for their labor. Further consultation will occur with students in the fall.

And of course there are more deans of social justice being fired. 

From Yale to Evergreen, the death of the American educational system continues.