UNRWA: If You Don't Give the Palestinians Money, They'll All Join ISIS

I don't know about you, but this makes me more eager to give them money. Why settle for just giving Hamas members money, when you can give potential ISIS members money?

After Netanyahu called for rolling UNRWA, a UN agency that exists just to cater to local Muslim settlers, into UNHCR, the regular UN agency, the UNRWA spokesman did his best Iraqi Minister of Information routine.

Adnan Abu Hasna, a Gaza-based spokesman for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), said Netanyahu was pursuing a "fantasy".

Abu Hasna, speaking in Hebrew on Israel Radio, cautioned that if "UNRWA is gone" in the Gaza Strip, where its food, educational and health services are crucial, "two million people will turn into IS (Islamic State) supporters.

Well now that you put it that way... 

Knowing that, according to the UNRWA, everyone in Gaza will switch from Hamas (which currently dominates the UNRWA) to ISIS just makes me much more sympathetic to them.

Abu Hasna had previously suggested charging countries a mandatory fee for the poor oppressed potential members of ISIS and their personal UN agency. In all fairness, Abu Hasna does lie a lot.

Abu Hasna alleges that in Gaza, "There's no electricity. It means there's no water. And you don't -- they don't have anything."

So everyone in Gaza must be dead. Or a member of ISIS.

But it's vitally important to remember that without the UNRWA everyone in Gaza will join ISIS. If President Trump is looking for the next base for the Islamic State to target, try Gaza.