75% of Dems Support Impeaching President Trump

This is a PPP garbage poll. Public Policy Polling is the poll equivalent of the Washington Post. It has a serious name but mostly puts out fake news and snarky attacks on the opposition. But let's take the poll at face value for the moment.

According to PPP, 75% of Democrats support impeaching President Trump. 73% believe they'll be able to force him out of office. 

PPP did not provide any justification for the impeachment. There's no actual legal basis for it. And the vast majority of Dems are for it.

That's the general trend of the coup. This isn't a legal position. Or a fact based one. It's a desire to take power and avenge their defeat by any means. And it should be treated as such.

The investigations don't matter. This has nothing to do with evidence or facts. Nor should anyone be fooled into thinking that it does. The impeachment push is about power. That means any attempt by the media or its leftist political party, which still uses the Jefferson-Jackson name that it has nothing to do with, should be dismissed as a coup and a power grab.

For every scandal, read power grab. For every judicial order, read power grab. For every media hit piece, read power grab.

The only scandal here is the power grab. That's the only scandal that anyone can and should address. Until we address the scandal that Democrats refuse to recognize the results of a legal election and are determined to overturn it, no other scandals or investigations can or should be addressed.