Washington Post Pro-Communist Writer Wishes for Shot Congressman's Death

Democracy dies in darkness. Sometimes it helps to shed a little light on the hateful leftist echo chamber. That's what Malcolm Harris has done. 

"If the shooter has a serious health condition then is taking potshots at the GOP house leadership considered self defense?" Harris, a regular at the New Republic tweeted. 

Another tweet said, "Steve Scalise is stable, but a lot of Americans die from hospital errors so keep crossing your fingers."

Scalise had been shot by a Bernie campaign volunteer and Maddow fan while practicing for a charity baseball game.

Harris' work has appeared at the Washington Post, which has taken the lead in churning out fake news attacks and random hate against Republicans, at Salon, which is the deranged edge of the left, and the New Republic, which after its purge by a Facebook billionaire has become a pit of social justice hate, and he claimed to work for Vox, though Vox insists on denying that. Vox certainly quoted Harris.

According to his Washington Post, "Malcolm Harris is the author of “Kids These Days: Human Capital and the Making of Millennials,” forthcoming from Little, Brown."

This is the left's hate matrix in action. And it's part of the reason why the shootings happened. The media narrative is being driven by radical leftist bigots like Harris. And whom was the media mainstreaming when it published Harris?

The original "Resistance".

In a September 2012 postmortem on OWS, Mark Ames, a veteran of MSNBC and The Nation – in other words, a solid left-winger – waxed cynical about the movement, whose failures he attributed largely to Harris, whom he mocked as a self-seeking “twenty-something hipster” and poster boy for a certain “brand of marketing-concocted ‘anarchism.’” Wrote Ames: “one look at Malcolm Harris – his anarcho-hipster sneer, his marketing-guy hipster glasses – and you’ll be reaching for the nearest can of pepper spray.”

Ames provided some bio: Harris’s father was a “Silicon Valley corporate lawyer turned State Department diplomat.” As for Harris himself, he “was one of the very first to capitalize on the marketing possibilities of Occupy, and how he might exploit the marketing and messaging to quickly build his own brand.” Only a month after OWS got off the ground, it turns out, Harris signed up with a speakers’ agency; when a California branch of the movement, Occupy Redlands, asked him to come address its members, Harris’s agent replied “that if they wanted to hear Malcolm Harris talk about anarchism and the 99%, they’d have to pay him a $5,000 speaking fee. Not including travel and hotel expenses.” The news that an OWS “anarchist” was trying to squeeze five-grand payments out of allied groups around the country spread like wildfire, apparently, and did not exactly make Harris a movement hero.

Harris has continued writing prolifically – and in a thoroughly predictable vein. In January he contributed an article to Al Jazeera’s website entitled “Wealthy Cabals Run America”; in February the same site ran a piece of his entitled “Hooray for Cultural Marxism.” He’s also contributed plenty of articles to Jacobin, “a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture.” That there are nasty corners of the Internet prepared to give space to this mendacious young stooge is hardly surprising; but it’s depressing that The New Republic, once known for its staunch liberal anti-Communism, should welcome him into its pages.

As did the Washington Post. Democracy does indeed die in darkness.

Communism? Oh yes, Communism.

"The story of communism’s struggle against fascism and white supremacy has been repressed for generations, but this grip on our collective memory is slipping fast," Harris writes at the New Republic.

Without the Soviet threat, the anti-communist barricades are a little understaffed. And with faulty censors, who will stop the culture industry from making communism seem cool? The two most famous Soviets right now are probably Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, the KGB spy stars of the critically acclaimed F/X show The Americans. Despite having been created by a former CIA agent and set in the 1980s, Elizabeth and Philip aren’t the bad guys. They’re the good ones. In Nicaragua, in El Salvador, in South Africa, in Afghanistan, the American government’s policies are portrayed as worth fighting against by any means necessary. It’s a more honest description of the history

This is the media now. 

There are thousands like Malcolm Harris in the bloodstream of the media. They're radical leftists pushing violence and hate. And even if the New Republic is unlikely enough to do the right thing, there are 999 others who will be controlling the media's coverage. This is the source of the chaos, the conflict and the violence that drives everything from the coup against Trump to the shootings in Alexandria.