Evergreen State President Heroically Goes to the Bathroom Whenever He Wants With Left-Wing Escort

When I wrote about Evergreen State's descent into culture war madness, I began by observing the self-inflicted humiliation of the man in charge.

I’m George Bridges, I use he/him pronouns.”

That was how the president of Evergreen State College, a man with a PhD in Sociology, an MA in Criminology and the backbone of an incontinent weasel began his apology to the radical leftists who had terrorized his school, shouted racial slurs at a professor and other students, and driven an entire class off campus. Then he paid respect to the “elders past and present of the Squaxin Island Tribe.”

The university was once a place of reason and learning. It is now a sick, sad totalitarian joke.

"I apologize... I will commit to working on my own racism....I am a work in progress,” he mumbled.

The Vice segment captures the things we expect. Brett Weinstein has always been eager to get his story out. A few of the leftist crybullies are caught on video in their safe space whining that if we don't ban free speech, they'll be murdered. And one of their number goes on camera to deliver the usual ritualistic denunciation of human rights in the name of human rights. 

Nothing new there.

The genuinely pathetic part of it is George Bridges. If you want to see the decline and fall of Western Education on camera, watch Bridges. Unlike the lost boys and girls and assorted xers whose intellectual range and depth begins with Pedagogy of the Oppressed and ends with Stephen Colbert, he's a product of an actual educational system. It was already badly corrupted, but Bridges knows enough to know how wrong this all is. His final confession that language has become meaningless, an Orwellian hodgepodge of shifting meanings under which he isn't sure if he's a white supremacist, is the last act of the tragedy.

George Bridges knows that the collapse of meaning is the problem. But he's a career leftist. Unlike Weinstein, he isn't about to fight for truth or justice. Instead he wanted to be in charge of implementing the revolution. Instead he's being escorted to the bathroom. But, mind you, he goes whenever he wants. It's 1984 as farce.