Nabra Hassanen and the Media's Addiction to Fake Islamophobia

Nabra Hassanen, a Muslim teenager, was killed by Darwin A. Martinez Torres, a resident of El Salvador, after her friends got into an argument with him while walking to a mosque.

The police say it was road rage. It's the sort of crime that happens all the time.

If Nabra Hassanen had been Belgian or Buddhist, the headlines would never have read, "Buddhist teen killed" or "Belgian teen killed". But when Muslims perpetrate a terrorist attack, it's always "Fort Hood Man goes on killing spree" or "Londoner stabs 5". When Muslims are the victims, the fake news media puts their identities in the title.

Even when there's no actual reason to do so.

There's no Islamophobic case here. But that doesn't stop the media.

"‘Muslims Feel Under Siege,’ Emma Green writes at The Atlantic. Her supporting evidence for this in the United States is Nabra Hassanen's death. She concedes that it's not relevant, but... "But that doesn’t change how people are feeling: devastated and scared."

Is this different than how the other victims of illegal alien murders feel?

But never mind the facts. Here are the feelings. And Muslim feelings somehow matter more than those of anyone else. Why? Because they're under siege. How are they under siege. Well they feel under siege because of a routine murder that had nothing to do with Islam.

Emma Green writes, "Abdelkader framed the attacks as part of a string of violence during Ramadan". Why write it that way? It's an underhanded confession that the story doesn't hold up.

"Abdelkader also cited an altercation in Ohio in which a Somali American woman, Rahma Warsame, was severely beaten after arguing with a white couple, which police also say was not a hate crime. It can be extremely difficult for officials to establish bias-related motives, or to disentangle the complicated mix of motives in individual cases, even when the victims are visibly identifiable as Muslim."

Except that the Rahma Warsame case had already fallen apart.

The couple in the case was a Mexican-American woman and her white boyfriend. So even the most basic details are wrong.

Morales, 31 and of Mexican heritage, says that she was attacked first by a mob of men and women, including Warsame, following a neighborhood argument involving a woman and her son.

“What happened is not what she is claiming. The woman that is in the hospital, I feel sorry for her, but she is one of the women who was kicking and hitting me after I got tased,” Morales told TheDC in a phone interview on Monday.

Morales intervened while a woman of African heritage who lives in her apartment complex was yelling at and hitting her son with a shoe.

Morales herself was transported to the emergency room by ambulance because of the injuries she sustained in Saturday’s melee.

A copy of emergency room discharge papers that Morales provided to TheDC show that she underwent a CT scan and X-rays on her hand and ankle at a Columbus hospital. She claims that she sustained a concussion during the attack.

But who cares about the facts? Muslim victimhood exists in a fact free zone.