ObamaCare Repeal Will Kill Every Single Human Being on Earth

How many people will die because of the repeal of ObamaCare's disastrous failed garbagecare plan? Dozens, hundreds, trillions?

Just ask Bernie Sanders.

"If this legislation is passed and millions of people are thrown off health insurance . . . thousands of Americans will die," Sanders said, per The Hill.

Then Bernie claimed that,  "36,000 will die yearly"

The math on that ought to be simple. Let's compare death rates pre-ObamaCare to death rates post-ObamaCare. And see if 36,000 more people were dying back then due to lack of medical care.

Not counting Bernie's oversight of the VA.

If that's not true, Bernie ought to move to Cuba for the high quality Socialist medicine.

But that's small potatoes for CNN. Who's going to be impressed by a mere 36K deaths? Let's try 140 million.

As Montel Williams appeared on Friday's CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin to discuss his recent USA Today article attacking Republican plans to repeal ObamaCare, the former talk show host accused congressional Republicans of not caring about their own family members and of supporting a plan that would send their relatives and 140 million other Americans to "death."

After recalling that, by the year 2020, 140 million Americans would be suffering from chronic illnesses, he added: "They are going to be looking for somebody to give them medication and health care. And what this bill does is sends them all to death." 

Who wouldn't take health care policy advice from noted scholar, Montel Williams.

But why stop at 140 million. Maybe billions will die. And as long as we're arguing over how many people repealing ObamaCare will kill, we aren't discussing why it's a shameless brazen lie.