Fact Checking Network Gets Backing From Soros, Radical Iranian Tycoon

Good news. Your "facts" are about to be "checked" by George Soros.

If the whole fact checking paradigm that the media has blackmailed Facebook and Google into rolling into their results hadn't been sufficiently poisoned by naked partisanship and left-wing politics, the presence of the amateur embattled left-wing activists at Snopes, here comes the death knell for its credibility.

"Fact-checking has never been this important. Come define its future" is the Poynter headline. But its future has already been defined, the cheerful posting informs us, by its funders.

Thanks to $1.3 million in grant funding from the Omidyar Network and the Open Society Foundations, the IFCN can now expand its work. New initiatives will include an innovation fund to reward new formats and business models for fact-checking, an impact tracker to help evaluate and monitor the efficacy of this type of work, and a tool to turn the links fact-checkers use into a searchable database of trustworthy primary sources.

Everyone knows who radical leftist billionaire George Soros is.

Soros is the left's biggest radical sugar daddy. But somewhere up there, particularly for pro-terror sites, is Iranian tycoon Pierre Omidyar. 

Pierre Omidyar has financed a war on national security and Israel through anti-American sites such as The Intercept. 

When you understand that this is where the "international fact checking network" is getting its financing, you understand the kind of "fact checking" it will be doing. And whom you can expect to be doing it.

Facebook and Google's embedding of partisan left-wing "fact checking" sites is one of the greatest assaults on freedom of expression on the internet. And now the partisan sites are about to fall further into the fever swamps of left-wing extremism.

Congressional Republicans should call out Google and Facebook for their double standard in advocating Net Neutrality while pushing Opinion Bias.