President Trump Showcases "Made in America" Products

While the left tries to manufacture scandals targeting President Trump, while ignoring the problems of American workers, the White House is showcasing Made in America.

Today, President Donald J. Trump will host companies from across the country at the White House for the Made in America Product Showcase. The White House is highlighting and celebrating each state’s effort and commitment to American made products by bringing in and showing off products from all 50 states that are made and produced in the United States.

And yes, Chick Fil-A is on the list, just to tweak the left a little bit more. But look for the deranged Grab Your Wallet gang to immediately start boycotting all the companies involved.

Especially Gibson Guitars, which was targeted by the Obama regime, on spurious charges. It's nice to see Gibson getting some positive attention from the White House for a change to compensate for its political persecution under our former progressive warlord.

President Trump knows that America first means putting American workers first.

And that's why Trump won over working class Democrats who had been abandoned by their neoliberal party in favor of political elites and the welfare class.

Republicans should champion the working class over the welfare class.