"I Will Go To Heaven": Muslim Terrorist Who Murdered 3 Israelis at Sabbath Dinner

In the Israeli town of Neve Tsuf, a Jewish family was sitting down to Shabbath dinner when a Muslim terrorist broke in. He broke through a window and while some family members helped the children escape, stabbed a woman in her 60s, and a man and woman in their 40s.

The victims died of their injuries.

“I have many dreams and aspirations. I know that with Allah my dreams will come true," the Muslim terrorist posted on Facebook. "I will go to heaven."

While the attacker has been linked to Hamas ,he wrote, "Put in my grave Arafat's Keffiyah and the ribbon of the Al-Aqsa Brigades". His message would suggest that he was far closer to Fatah and the PLO. Which are the puppet masters behind the Palestinian Authority. And Israel's so-called peace partners.

Abbas and Fatah had championed violence. And once again they're getting it. Meanwhile the State Department blame Israel while in Gaza, the brutal attack was boisterously celebrated.

This is Islam.