There was a Military Transgender Ban for 90% of Obama's Time in Office

The left's latest tantrum is pathetic, cynical and disgusting.

Just like gay marriage, the left switched sides and then pretended it had never been on any other side. This was combined with deranged attacks on the same exact beliefs they had a few years ago.

It's even worse with military transgender service because we're not even talking about a few years, but a few months.

The media accuses President Trump of reversing Obama's policy. They leave out the part where Obama's policy was continuing the transgender ban.

The DOD ban on transgenders in the military was repealed in the summer of '16. Right around the time Obama was prepping his retirement plans. 

Trump didn't reverse an Obama policy. He kept the same policy in place. 

The media's hysteria is itself hysterical. It acts as if Trump is reversing some longstanding position when he's maintaining the status quo. A status quo that even Obama's people were reluctant to disturb which is why they dated the actual end of the policy to the next president's term after the review would be completed.

The year review was a typical Obama scam. It let him claim the glory while letting someone else deal with the problems. Now Trump dealt with them. And that's all there is to say about it.

"The Cruelty and Cynicism of Trump's Transgender Ban," wails the New Yorker. "Trump Punishes Transgender Patriots," cries the New York Times. "Trump's Transgender Ban Could Force Out Thousands of Service Members," warns The Atlantic

The cynicism here is all in the media's corner.

Trump has done nothing more than keep last year's policy intact. If he's being cruel and punitive, wasn't Obama?

And where were all the Democrats in Congress now rushing to the nearest camera to denounce the policy? Why didn't they put forward a bill on the subject? 

It's all the same theater of hypocrisy and lies.

Dems reverse their previous position and then act as if they had always held their new position and anyone who disagrees is a horrifying monster. As in 1984, we have always been at war with Eastasia.