Why ObamaCare is So Hard to Kill

The source of the opposition to repealing ObamaCare is the same as the source of the opposition to it.

Most people don't like to have their health insurance tampered with. They don't want radical change in either direction. And where Obama put on a full court press selling it as an improvement, Republican messaging has been so utterly dysfunctional that no one, including them, have much confidence that it will be an improvement.

That justifiably creates insecurity for Americans.

But the bigger problem is the entitlement trap. Once you create one, it's hard to get rid of it. Opposing ObamaCare was easy. But once it existed, then the GOP was inevitably split between clean repeal and replacing it with something that would offer some similar benefits.

And that is where we're at now.

Republicans can't repeal and not repeal ObamaCare. The pathway to a compromise demands abandoning repeal in a variety of ways. And then you end up with ObamaCare Lite. And whatever you do, it will disarrange existing health care plans. And Republicans will be blamed.

Obama and the left always understood the nature of the trap. Springing the trap requires courage. And that is sadly lacking.

Real health care reform would tackle costs instead of trying to create a milder version of socialized medicine. But that's big picture stuff and would upset far too many entrenched interests. And so the GOP is stuck with a false choice that it can't manage to make.