3 in 10 Muslims in US Say "Islam" and "Democracy" Not Compatible

This comes from a  Pew survey of Muslim settlers in America. The survey is obsessed with whitewashing the results. And, in unusual behavior from Pew, throws up individual claims of Muslim victimhood all over the early parts of the report.

That said, there are a few revealing results. It comes as no surprise that Muslim settlers in the US back Democrats and voted for Hillary. 

66% claim to be Dems, only 13% as Republicans. Few claim to be conservatives, but below average numbers claim to be progressives. Behind these numbers is the basic reality that they don't identify with American politics except as a tool for promoting Islamic interests. And so, they will generally claim to be moderates.

78% voted for Hillary over Trump. 65% vs 19% disapprove of Trump. While 76% approved of Barack Hussein Obama.

67% prefer a larger government that offers more services. That number goes up to 72% among Muslim migrants who are the likeliest to use and abuse those services at the expense of Americans.

All expected.

30% of Muslims say there is a natural conflict between Islam and Democracy. Obviously the real number is far higher, but even the percentage willing to admit the conflict is significant. And it's significant because Muslims continue to crowd immigration categories. And the question then arises whether we bringing huge numbers of people to this country, 3 in 10 of whom don't believe that our system of government is compatible with their belief system.

And we have to ask, what will they do about it?