How Google's Bizarre Culture of P.C. Intimidation Got That Way

(That's Laszlo Bock up there.Watch for him to show up on the next season of Silicon Valley,) 

If you want to understand the roots of the current crisis at Google, think of a left-wing version of Office Space. Except instead of meaningless buzzwords, the agenda was a social justice witch hunt. Instead of evangelizing technology, Google turned its workplace into a textbook hostile environment. All for social justice. Employees were encouraged to engage in "call out" accusations of prejudice at each other. 

The Mountain View, Calif., company began training its workforce in unconscious bias with a 90-minute lecture in 2013. Since then, more than half of its nearly 56,000 employees around the globe have taken part.

Awareness of unconscious bias has increased with the Implicit Association Test. Millions have taken the online test, which measures racial prejudices.

Does it get worse from there? Of course it does.

Bias training "introduced the language of bias," Welle says. Now it's part of the daily conversation at Google, with employees "owning it and challenging each other all the time," he says.

Doesn't that sound like a fun workplace? Don't you just love being "challenged" by being accused of bigotry.

Google now has a culture where employees feel comfortable calling out and being held accountable for unconscious bias, Buberel says.

More accurately, Google is Salem with racism replacing witchcraft. Some staffers enjoy hunting witches. That's what happened to Damore. And others try not to come to the attention of the witch hunters.

The Orwellian nightmare at Google began with Laszlo Bock. Google's very own P.C. Principal.

Google’s interest in hidden biases was sparked in 2012, when Mr. Bock read an article in The New York Times about a study...

Mr. Bock wondered how such unconscious biases were playing out at Google. “This is a pretty genteel environment, and you don’t usually see outright manifestations of bias,” he said. “Occasionally you’ll have some idiot do something stupid and hurtful, and I like to fire those people.”...

But Mr. Bock suspected that the more pernicious bias was most likely pervasive and hidden...

Inqusitioners must always hunt for heretics. And there are always witches to be found. If you look hard enough.

Bock has an MBA from Yale and a subscription to the New York Times. It will not surprise you in the least that his Twitter feed consists of 90% social justice crybullying and virtue signaling and 10% promotion of his new company.

It was the managers, not the engineers, who unleashed this politically correct hell at Google. And at some point, it will kill the company. And then they will move on to destroy some other company that found success thanks to its brilliant engineers and visionaries. 

That's the hard truth.