Muslim Rape Gang: "All White Women are Good for One Thing"

Bigotry is the elephant in the room of Muslim violence.

Terrorism isn't caused by "oppression". That's the rationalization for it. Just as the Nazis rationalized war and mass murder in the same way. It's caused by the conviction that Muslims are superior. And that they have the right to conquer non-Muslims. Or even the wrong kinds of Muslims.

Women are inferior to Muslim men. Therefore they have the right to beat their wives. And rape non-Muslim women.

Islam's core theology is violent supremacism. That was Mohammed's creed. It's what makes Islam different than the other big religions. In essence, Islam believes that non-Muslims are inferior and must be subjugated. Women are inferior and must be subjugated. Everyone else is worthless and can only have value if they are converted to Islam or ruled by Muslims.

This is the mindset behind everything from ISIS to the invasion of Europe.

And this is the elephant in the room the media won't talk about. Instead there's another outburst from an "Asian sex grooming gang".

Shocking details of a large-scale Asian sex gang who spent four years plying vulnerable young girls with drink and drugs at 'sex parties' in Newcastle can be revealed for the first time today.

A total of 17 men and one woman have been convicted of, or have admitted, charges including rape, supplying drugs and inciting prostitution, in a series of trials at Newcastle Crown Court.

Those prosecuted were from the Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Indian, Iraqi, Iranian and Turkish communities and were mainly British-born, with most living in the West End of Newcastle.

What do they have in common? An Islamic religion that unites Bangladeshi, Iraqi, Indian Muslim and Turkish men in the belief that they are superior.

The court heard that one of the men convicted, 37-year-old Badrul Hussain, was heard telling a ticket collector on the Tyne and Wear Metro: 'All white women are good for one thing, for men like me to f*** and use as trash, that is all women like you are worth.'

This is actual rape culture. And yet the same leftists who lynched Damore at Google will fight to bring more of that rape culture into the West. This is what Islamic migration brings.

Saiful Islam, 35, of Newcastle, was jailed for 10 years in January 2016 for raping a 15-year-old girl in 2011.
Yasser Hussain, 28, of Newcastle, was jailed for two years in October 2015 for a sex attack and for allowing his premises to be used in the supply of drugs after a jury heard how he hosted parties.
Mohammed Hassan Ali, 34, of Newcastle, was jailed for seven years in December 2015 for sexual activity with a child, supplying cannabis and possession with intent to supply M-Kat.
Mohammed Azram, 35, of Newcastle, admitted five drugs offences and was convicted of one count of sexual assault and one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution for gain.
Abdul Hamid Minoyee, 34, of Newcastle, was convicted of rape and sexual assault and pleaded guilty to supplying drugs.

Rapists welcome.