What Happens When Black People are Accused of Cultural Appropriation?

Welcome to the Glorious Intersectional Utopia that will make our lives better by terrorizing everyone all the time. 

Recently, the Intersectional Inquisition began going after "offensive costumes". By that they mean anyone dressing up in any distinct international costume if it belonged to a recognized minority. In short, don't wear a sombrero and serape, but no one will mind much if you don a beret and scarf. The hysteria over this turned very ugly at Yale and led to a purge of faculty.

But what happens when a top drawer minority is accused of cultural appropriation from a somewhat lower ranked minority in the Victim Value Index? That's where the fireworks begin.

Our story begins with Cheyanne, a mixed Native~Ojibwe/Crow lesbian feminist activists who likes to post pictures of herself in Indian clothing. Because this is what lifestyle feminism look like. Like most leftist activists, she had to find someone higher up on the ladder who was better at doing the thing she was doing for intersectionality violations. Because all this leftist twaddle is still Mean Girls warfare.

The back-and-forth began when a woman named Cheyanne tweeted a PSA Monday, Aug. 7 slamming a photo of rapper Omerettà The Great posing in a costume likened to Pocahontas.

1. Miss chocolate Pocahontas is sexualizing Native women in that trash regalia.

4. She is using the name Pocahontas with ignorance, not thinking of her ACTUAL (not Disney) history. 

5. Yes she is a beautiful Black woman. No she is not the Black Pocahontas.

6. No it is not anti Black to call out cultural appropriation against Native people when done by Black folks. any of you- including Black folks and poc can be problematic and anti native and I'll call you out just like I would a white person

Not that Pocahontas or her people would have thought they had anything in common with someone from a bunch of other tribes. All of this is a retroactive construct. But that's most identity politics.

Why does Cheyanne get to speak for Pocahontas? Same reason we pretend that the descendants of Spanish colonists are a minority group.

Omeretta is black. Her supporters were none too happy with the cultural appropriation accusation. Like most P.C. restrictions, that's just supposed to apply to white people. They're not down with intersectionality.

So of course they began claiming that black people had always existed in this country. When in doubt, there are a ton of revisionist racial supremacist Black Nationalist conspiracy theories to trot out. And those don't jibe too well with Indian history or any history.

But Black Nationalists will claim that America is really named after the Amaru Khans who were the original indigenous black population of the country. (Also that ancient Africans invented airplanes and were the original Jews #AllRevisionistHistoriesMatter). And you can't accuse them of appropriating their own culture. Except that wipes out the culture of the actual Indian tribes.

Intersectionality has yet to come up with an answer. But it wasn't long before the intersectional racism arrived.

And then it was time for reparations. The "unpaid emotional labor" of screaming at people on Twitter for offending you doesn't pay for itself. Intersectional diversity utopia. It's almost here. This is the harmony and tolerance the left brought to America. I feel pretty oppressed now.