Maxine Waters Has No Idea What North Korea Wants

Give America's oldest millenial credit though, Sheila Jackson Lee thinks there are two Vietnams existing in peace. At least Maxine Waters seems to know there is a North Korea. Even if that's the extent of her knowledge.


It goes without saying that Waters has no idea what she's talking about. Nor does she particularly care. She got her national profile by tossing out attacks on Trump that might as well have come from a belligerent space alien whose only knowledge of Earth politics comes from CNN broadcasts and Washington Post editorials. And that's probably where Auntie Maxine's knowledge comes from.

Waters wants us to give Kim what he wants, but has no idea what that might be. 

Aside from amusement value, the video showcases what a joke the Dems have become. There have always been idiots in Congress. For as long as there was Congress. But political parties usually didn't turn them into national figures.

Maxine just isn't ready for her closeup. And if she's a joke, what does that make them Dems?