North Korea Nuke Deal Could Have Worked if We Ignored North Korean Violations

We know that left-wing policies never fail. Never, ever. They're just sabotaged by counterrevolutionary elements.

Communism? Woulda worked if it wasn't for the pesky existence of free market systems elsewhere on earth. ObamaCare? It would have worked if only insurance companies stopped whining about losing money. The North Korean nuke deal? The Republicans ruined it.

After an earlier viral piece trying to blame the Nork nukes on Reagan (it was either that or Teddy Roosevelt) it's back to the same old excuse of blaming Bush II.

Here's Wendy Sherman, the woman behind the North Korean nuke deal and an Iran nuke deal negotiator, explaining that the North Koreans cheated on the deal, but Bush should have held on anyway.



The Republicans ruined the deal is a classic leftist dodge. The fact is there was no deal. Just like in Iran, there was a scam. The Bush admin belatedly blew the whistle on the scam. But the scam was always obvious. just as with Iran, the left just insisted on lying about it. And they're still lying about it.

At this bizarre late date, they will still insist that their deal could have worked if only Bush had overlooked the fact that the North Koreans had violated it. The way Bill Clinton did.

Like the Iran Deal, the North Korean Deal was never ratified by the Senate. Named the “Agreed Framework”, it amounted to as little as its name implied. Clinton’s people knew that North Korea had a uranium enrichment program going but chose to look away from its violations of the agreement because it would have been a political embarrassment for their boss and his diplomatic achievement.

The already worthless deal quickly became even more worthless once it was implemented. Like the Iran Deal there were secret deals within the deal, some of which still remain secret, likely because they reveal the scope of the Clinton sellout to the Communist dictatorship.

Inspections were delayed indefinitely. North Korea’s nuclear program had become known when it had previously delayed IAEA inspections for seven years. This time around it refused to resume inspections until we built them a nuclear power plant. Seven years after the deal, the IAEA was still trying to get access. Toward the end, the projected timeline for full inspections had been pushed to 2009.

On January 2003, North Korea announced that “We have no intention of producing nuclear weapons and our nuclear activities at this stage will be confined only to peaceful purposes such as the production of electricity." In April, it announced that it had nuclear weapons.

North Korea’s violations were only made public under Bush. And so Clinton’s people who had given us the worthless deal blamed Bush’s people for scuttling their wonderful agreement.