Keith Ellison Meets His Intersectional Identity Politics Match

"It's a dog eat dog world"

"Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum."

Keith Ellison, a Black Muslim leftist, seems to have won the intersectional identity politics lottery. But as this video shows, in the intersectional inquisition, there's always someone whose identity tops yours. Like a Black Lesbian Indian environmental activist. Or something.

And where else could it happen, but Netroots Nation. Right as Keith Ellison has insisted that we all had to embrace intersectionality.

I almost feel sorry for Keith Ellison here. He's an Islamist racist. But let's not forget that he's also a 54-year-old man. And a little too old for the craziness coming down the pike from Generation Z.

Ellison called on everyone to embrace intersectionality. But this is what intersectionality looks like. A millennial activist claiming to be Indian (and you can't question that) berating the panel for not having an American Indian activist on the panel. 

Keith Ellison rolls his eyes for all the obvious reasons. The demand is blatant careerism. And the woman making the demand looks to be as African-American as he is. But rolling your eyes is one of those microaggressions that gets you in trouble these days.

Felicia Teter, the woman making the demand, is a Bernie Sanders supporter, like Ellison. Teter was a DNC delegate who walked out. She was part of the Standing Rock protests. She has a Dartmouth degree in religious studies. She emphasizes the American Indian thing, though occasionally mentions her biracial background. And she's apparently a lesbian.

This is the new face of intersectional politics. And you can almost feel sorry for Ellison. He's trying to ride the tiger, but there's no riding the tiger. Indentity politics has unleashed a bizarre avalanche of splintered identities and furious activists who, like Teter, begin every demanding by talking about how much pain they're in.

This is why left-wing revolutions end in blood and tyranny. There's no way to work out differences once you go down the ideological rabbit hole. And no leftist truly understands how far down that hole goes.

No matter how leftist you are, someone is always purer than you and will gulag you.