The Left Must Accept Responsibility for "Weimar America"

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to watch Communists and Nazis punching each other in major American cities.

Weimar America doesn't have to happen. But it's the left that is compulsively feeding it and tearing our country apart. 

1. When you "no platform" moderates, you get extremists. When you shut down any conservative speakers, you end up with only those who can handle riots, bomb threats and public hate.

2. When you physically assault pro-Trump rallies, you end up with rallies built around street violence.  

3. When you accuse everyone to the right of you of racism, you eliminate the basic safeguards against racism. If everyone is a racist. Then no one is a racist.

4. When you ruthlessly go after anyone you disagree with, e.g. Google firing Damore, then you turn any expression of dissenting views into violence

These processes silence anyone who is polite and civil, and they create a Darwinian political environment in which only those who are willing to use violence or are ready for confrontation can function. 

Some of those people will be good. Others will be fascist thugs.

There are two key elements here

A. Decent behavior cannot be one-sided. Expecting Republicans to be on their best behavior while the left unleashes street thugs, stages riots and arson, destroys people's lives, takes away their jobs... is unrealistic. Doing all this behind a facade of fake nobility doesn't fool anyone. A civilized society is a two-way street. The rules that one side sets, will be matched by the other. Whether that's with executive orders and the fillibuster, or street violence. Those are the natural mechanisms of human nature. 

B. When civilized behavior, politeness, listening, compromise, cooperation is not only not rewarded, but is punished, uncivilized behavior will start becoming the norm. 

Weimar America can be stopped. But glamorizing leftist street violence and then demanding that Republicans condemn Nazi thugs is the embodiment of it. The Alt Right shouldn't be part of the right. Neo-Nazis should not have any place here. But the same goes for the Alt-Left and Communists. Both feed off each other. And both are each other's best friends. When you sustain one, you sustain the other.

The left has to decide what kind of society it wants to live in right now, and what means it wants to use right now. I don't expect public honesty on the subject. But it will have to decide whether it wants to maintain the vestiges of a civilized society or not. That decision will be shown in its behavior, its support of extremist groups, its commitment to free speech, etc... And those "market signals" will have equal and opposite reactions. That's not an ideological position. It's life.

Civilized societies are hard to build and easy to destroy. 

If the left really wants to marginalize Neo-Nazi street violence, the best way is by ending support for its Antifa thugs. And vice versa. Nazism and Communism fed off each other in Germany. The arrangement eventually led to a Nazi-Communist pact, WW2 and the destruction of Europe.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to watch Communists and Nazis punching each other in major American cities.