Iran: We Could Be Closer to a Nuke Than Before Obama Deal in HOURS

The Goebbelsian campaign by Obama Inc's Ben Rhodes, Ploughshares, Rockefeller Brothers and others told a lie repeatedly. Their Big Lie was that Iran's program was somehow getting locked up. It wasn't. 

The monitoring of Iran's nuclear program is effectively worthless. And while McMaster keeps Obama holdovers embedded in key positions at the NSC while firing those, like Derek Harvey, who had a plan to deal with it, we are more crippled than ever in our ability to come to grips with it.

Meanwhile even Obama, in a rare moment of near honesty, had admitted that at a point in the timeline of the deal, Iran would have a zero breakout time to a bomb.

“What is a more relevant fear would be that in Year 13, 14, 15, they have advanced centrifuges that enrich uranium fairly rapidly, and at that point, the breakout times would have shrunk almost down to zero,” Obama said.

And that's if you believe Obama. The claim that he made about materials limits in that same interview was already shown to be a lie.

Meanwhile Iran is boasting that it could be further along to a bomb in hours than it was before the disastrous Obama terror nuke sellout.

"If America wants to go back to the experience (of imposing sanctions), Iran would certainly return in a short time -- not a week or a month but within hours -- to conditions more advanced than before the start of negotiations," Iranian President Hassan Rouhani told a session of parliament broadcast live on state television.

Which is to say, that Iran's nuclear program is moving forward. The nuke deal didn't stop its program. It protected it and in some ways even accelerated it.