The Media's False Equivalence Accusations are an Admission of Extremism

If there's a theme in internal criticism within the left, it's "No equivalence, please." 

Yes, the Democrats might have flaws but it's "false equivalence" to compare us to Republicans. We have issues with sexism and racism, but no false equivalence. Yes, there might have been some violent folks in the Alt-Left, but it's false equivalence to compare us to the Alt-Right. 

Now the internal shaming mechanism that the left uses to suppress internal criticism is being aired in the media. There are accusations of false equivalence aimed at President Trump.

It's extremists that most fear equivalence. The left's extremism machine depends on suppressing internal criticism under the "No enemies to the left" doctrine. ("No enemies to the extreme of me" is a doctrine guaranteed to move you and your side to the extremes.) This is how Communists were normalized in the first place. If your big tent includes everyone to the left or the right, the results quickly get ugly.

The media's invocation of false equivalence is an admission of extremism. It's a defense of their own extremists and their role in normalizing and mainstreaming the Alt-Left.