Sword-Wielding, Cop-Biting, Islamophobia-Claiming Somali Muslim Refugee Attacks Cops While Walking to Mosque

Hassan chop. Hassan get shot.

Hussein D Hassan was one of the Somali migrants who crowded into Kennewick, Washington. Before they started dumping Syrians in the area, Somalis were being funneled into Kennewick.

Hassan came as a Somali refugee. He left as a sword-wielding maniac.

A Kennewick man’s sword attack on an officer Sunday was not his first assault of a policeman.

Last October, Hussein D. Hassan bit Kennewick Officer James Canada during a car prowling investigation.

Canada and Officer Miguel Ayala were called to Hassan’s home on the 1700 block of West Sixth Avenue. The details are unclear from court documents, but they contacted Hassan and ended up starting to arrest him for obstruction.

In the struggle to arrest him, Hassan bit Canada’s thumb, breaking the skin.

On Sunday, witnesses called police when they saw Hassan walking along Olympia Street near 10th Avenue with a sword. Office Jason Kiel was the first to arrive. As he was getting out of his car, Hassan reportedly attacked, hitting him several times in the head, say investigators.

Kiel managed to get away as Officer Joshua Kuhn arrived. Both fired at Hassan and he died at the hospital.

One of his children, Mohamed Dahir, took to Facebook this week to claim police officers wouldn’t have shot his father if he was white.

Sure. Police are just okay with being beaten and attacked by white sword-wielding maniacs. But Hassan also had a storied career of crying discrimination. #SwordWieldingManiacLivesMatter.

Mohammed's Facebook profile says he works at "Slave at   I Need Allah In My Life  ".  According to Mohammed, his father was walking to a mosque.

 My dad was walking to the masquie until someone called the police nd say it there is a men walking with a sword and I believe the police told him to stop nd he had language barrier and didn't not listen and He got aggressive with them and he Took out his knife next think u know they shot him him is that what they get for all that training I know If he wasn't a black men they would try to talk to him

This is what happens when you're a slave of Allah.

Hassan filed a small claims suit against his supervisor, claiming discrimination and workplace harassment because he is Muslim... His case, and a following appeal, were denied.

Of course he did. Because he had to do as much damage to this country as he could. And of course he has 8 kids and he's a refugee.

According to Mohamed, Hassan was a refugee from Somalia who taught students at the Unity Primary School in the Dagahaley portion of the Dadaab refugee camps in Kenya.

Shall we take 100,000 more? What's the worst that could happen.