ICE Confuses Leftists by Taking Down White Supremacists/Mexican Drug Cartel

ICE is bad because it stops illegal aliens. We should have open borders. And we should legalize drugs. But what happens when White Supremacist gangs smuggle drugs from Mexico? 

Obviously Mexican drug smugglers are good and white supremacists are bad. ICE takes down both. What's the official leftist position?

On Thursday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced it had completed the largest prosecution of white supremacists in the nation's history.

“The Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and the Aryan Circle have essentially been decimated in North Texas,” U.S. Attorney John Parker said. Parker, who litigates for the Northern District of Texas, praised Texas authorities for their role in the investigation.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) joined with Texas law enforcement to crack down on the gangs, which, according to ICE, shifted their focuses from promoting white supremacy to drug-trafficking.

Most gangs, whatever their official ideology, eventually get into drugs and other forms of organized crime. The gang is the point, the ideology is just an organizing principle.

Out of 91 defendants charged, 89 were convicted, one remains a fugitive and is believed to be in Mexico, and one died before trial began. Those convicted received a combined total of 1,070+ years in federal prison. Casey Rose, 36, of Mesquite, Texas, was sentenced to life in federal prison, following his conviction at trial in September 2015 on conspiracy, drug trafficking and firearm charges.

Combined, the 89 defendants had been previously convicted of 736 crimes.  Of the 736 previous convictions, 234 were drug-related offenses; 76 were violent offenses; 36 were gun offenses; 37 were burglaries; seven were sex or child abuse offenses; and one was a murder conviction.  Fifteen of the defendants were deemed “career offenders” under the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines.  Some defendants had as many as 25 prior convictions. And only six of the 89 had no prior convictions.

The only difference is that when black or El Salvadorian organized gangs that look like this are taken down, the left swarms to their defense. Maybe it's a shocking proposition, but all drug dealers, child rapists and gang members are bad. 

Too bad the left and its media apparatus doesn't seem to agree.

Meanwhile despite the whole Nazi thing, the White Supremacist gangs seemed pretty comfortable with their Mexican counterparts.

Those arrested are members of or are linked to the following groups: the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas, the Aryan Circle, the White Knights and the Peckerwoods.

The gangs collaborated with each other and also with Mexican gangs and cartels, authorities said.

As many as 20 of the defendants are members or close associates of the Aryan Brotherhood, authorities said.

Two are members of the La Familia drug cartel in Mexico.

Diversity is our strength. 

In the multicultural drug gang business, the Aryan Brotherhood in Texas is allied with the Mexican Mafia, their  Surenos X3 gangs which operate in the West and the Sinaloa Cartel. But enemies of the Aryan Circle.