After Barcelona Van Attack, Leaders Must Condemn Islamic Supremacism

13 are dead in the latest Muslim terror attack. This time, Muslim terrorists ran over pedestrians with a van in Barcelona. This has strong echoes of previous Muslim terror attacks in Europe. And the death toll may still rise.

 Driss Oukabir, the Muslim terror suspect in the attack, is apparently from Marseilles, France. A city that has become notorious as a hub for Muslim terror. More attackers have apparently fled into a Turkish restaurant. The attack reportedly took place near a Kosher restaurant named Macabi.  

We will, no doubt, know all the details soon enough. And the media will pretend that  Driss Oukabir and his comrades were mentally ill or aberrations. They're not.

The same standard that was applied in Charlottesville must apply here.

Leaders must unambiguously condemn Islamic Supremacism as the poisonous ideology that is the cause of these attacks and others that have recently killed hundreds of people. They must utterly disavow and denounce the Islamic theology and political ideology behind these attacks. They must pledge to combat it by uprooting it from our cities.

If they fail to do so, they are complicit in the attacks.

Any effort to shift the blame to psychological factors, to defend Islamic Supremacism by claiming that most advocates of political Islam are moderate, to shift the focus from the victims to supposed fears of an anti-Muslim backlash must be denounced as a shameful collaboration with Islamic Supremacism.

And must not be tolerated.

Any leaders who fail to denounce and disavow Islamic Supremacism, who fail to make it clear that there is no room for Islamism in America, Europe or anywhere else, are part of the problem.

And they have blood on their hands.