Barcelona Muslim Van Attacker Posted Nazi Anti-Semitic Video

Another little reminder to the media left that is so eager to fight Nazis. The Islam-Nazi alliance goes back a long way.

Today's Barcelona van terror attack took place near the Maccabi Restaurant in La Ramblas. It's not at all clear that the attack was targeting the eatery, there's precedent that goes both ways in Islamic terror attacks in Europe, the fleeing attackers apparently did not enter the Kosher restaurant, but Driss Oukabir, the Muslim named as the terrorist, did post an anti-Semitic video that glorifies the Nazis.

The site it links to is a grab bag of anti-Semitism across the spectrum. It includes stuff from Henry Makow and Wikileaks' Israel Shamir whose article about Jews drinking blood on the left-wing Counterpunch site helped discredit it. Shamir, at least for a while, had also tried to be a Nazi. 

The whole thing is a useful reminder that Nazism and Islamism have a longstanding alliance. Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, Qatar's "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood figure, praised Hitler. An Imam in Davis, CA recently made headlines for calling for the extermination of the Jews. And the left has its own alliances with Nazism, indirectly through Islam, and directly through its past Socialist ties.

You can't fight Nazism without fighting Islamism. And collaboration with Islamofascism is fascism.