Antifa Attacked Reporter Out of Fear of "White Man with iPhone"

Are you afraid of white men with iPhones? Antifa claims to be. Their greatest fear must be Steve Jobs.

While Slate runs Dalia Lithwick's whitewash claiming that the Alt-Left was just there to pet kitties and shine rainbows, three reporters were assaulted by the counterprotesters

Here's the background on one of these assaults.

 A WTVR CBS 6 journalist was assaulted by a protester in Richmond Sunday night.

The journalist, who was not on the clock but was recording video for the newscast on his phone, recorded video of a large crowd of Monument Avenue protesters passing by The Camel, a live music venue, on West Broad Street.

“Stop filming bro,” one protester yelled.

“I can film whatever I want,” the CBS 6 staffer replied in the video. "Get out of my face."

The employee said protesters then put the flags in his face to block his camera view and intimidate him.

"That’s when then I extended my arm above the flags to try to get a better shot of the protest," he said. "One member of the group hit the phone out of my hand and my natural reaction was to push them out of my personal space. Immediately following I was hit in the back of the head with a some type of blunt object."

Police officers responded and the journalist was transported via ambulance to the hospital, where he received four staples in his scalp. He was later released from the hospital.

"This is not a peaceful protest," he wrote.

Antifa could have blamed it on a few bad apples. That's what defenders of the Alt Right contingent are doing. Instead they went with the scary "white iPhone man" defense.

This man ran at a crowd that was holding space for our murdered comrade with just his iPhone. Due to the intensity and context of this time people are very scared of white men running full speed at them with iPhones...

 Would an Asian man with a Samsung have been any less terrifying? But, as I recall, at Mizzou, being an Asian reporter didn't help much. But we don't know whether he had an iPhone.

When this man ran up he was told people did not want to be filmed. He proceeded to film anyways. He was then told AGAIN that he was not to film people’s faces. He proceeded anyways. He intentionally ignored the denial of consent, still without identifying himself (though we still wouldn’t care), which was a threat to safety and should be considered in a context of perpetuating rape culture. Denial of consent by the media is still a denial of consent and is disgusting and parasitic behavior.

This reads like a social justice crybully with a light background in Marxism and intersectionality. Rape culture! Parasitic behavior! We have the right to publicly protest without being filmed!

Anyway this white drunk iPhone toting rapist was also targeting marginalized communities.

when the media thinks they have the right to expose people that do not want to be exposed they are perpetuating violence against marginalized or targeted communities.

Apparently public streets are now also safe spaces where you can assault people for taking photos.

At this point there were folks that felt they were in extreme danger as no one knew who this man was or what his intentions were. He was now considered combative, aggressive and advancing with violence.

Then he got hit. Once. We aren’t sure with what or by who but he did and it was all due to his own ridiculous, likely drunk, behavior.

Passive voice! Something hit him. And it's hit fault because he was probably drunk. Random smears! Rape culture! Marginalized thugs!

This is what happens when you make people feel scared and purposefully incite anger.

This is what inevitably happens when you frighten a violent mob by taking pictures of its members.