It's Over: Majority of African-Americans Want Confederate Statues to Stay

This should be the end of the discussion. 

If you can't get to a majority among the group on whose behalf you claim to be rioting and vandalizing, you should shut up and go home. But this keeps happening. The media creates an echo chamber on issues like the Muslim travel ban or Voter ID, where most people disagree with them. And yet they just keep shouting louder into their megaphone.

Meanwhile here are the results of the NPR/Marist poll on the statues. A majority of 62% supports keeping them. Barely more than a quarter want them gone.

Discussion over. 

44% of Democrats want them to stay. 47% want them removed. You would think that's largely the influence of the party's African-American base. Nope. 

44% to 40% of African-Americans want the statues to stay. That's a larger percentage of support than among Dems in general.

Meanwhile the Latino numbers look a lot like the white numbers.

Even among the self-identified liberals, 31% can still be found in support of keeping the statues.

There's majority support in every single region. It's weakest in the Northeast, but still at 53%.

It's 60% among the 18-29 group that's the great hope of the left.

There literally is no meaningful base of support for this program outside the media and college campuses. Not to mention the Cory Booker 2020 campaign. It's a close call even among those who disapprove of Trump.

And if the media wants to advocate this program, we still have free speech in this country (despite the New York Times editorials disagreeing with the existence of the First Amendment) but it's clear who is being divisive here.