Barcelona Muslim Terrorists Planned to Car Bomb Cathedral

Yes, it really is a religious war. No amount of denying that will change it.

The cries of Allahu Akbar mean that the Muslim terrorists are proving that Allah is greater than the gods of their enemies by killing them. They specifically target sites associated with other religions. This was not the first time that they targeted a cathedral in Europe. 

The terrorists who killed 14 people and wounded over a hundred in Catalonia had originally planned to drive three vans packed with explosives into iconic parts of Barcelona including the Sagrada Familia cathedral, it has been reported. 

Had their butane-filled gas containers not accidentally detonated the night before the atrocities on Thursday, the 12-person terror cell would have used them to maximise deaths in the tourist hotspots of the Spanish city, local media suggest. 

They intended to explode one van in Las Ramblas, a second by the world-famous Sagrada Familia cathedral and the last in the port area of the city, El Espanol has claimed.

The cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most visited attractions in Europe. 

And at some point they will succeed.

Islamic terrorists look like clowns when they fail. But the difference between monsters and clowns is a certain amount of luck. The terrorists hit the World Trade Center twice. The first time they looked like clowns. The second time they killed thousands of people.

As long as Muslim terrorists continue to be able to operate in the West, a succesful attack will eventually happen.