Smithsonian Will Have Colin Kaepernick, Not Clarence Thomas

One is a deep thinker and jurist. The other is a failed NFL player. One worked his way up from poverty. The other is a spoiled brat. 

But the Smithsonian is being held hostage by leftist agendas. And considering who funds the Smithsonian, maybe it's time that ended.

Free agent NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick will be featured in a Black Lives Matter collection at the National Museum of African American History and Culture, museum curators announced this weekend.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, the nation’s longest-serving black justice, remains absent from the museum.

USA Today Sports reports items belonging to Kaepernick will be incorporated into the museum’s Black Lives Matter collection.

Why does the Smithsonian have a collection celebrating a racist hate group whose role model is a wanted terrorist?

The question answers itself. There needs to be a serious change of leadership at the Smithsonian. Instead of passing resolutions, this needs to come down to money. 

But beyond that, this shows what the left values. It doesn't value an African-American who is a brilliant legal mind, but does value a failed football playing racist.

This is what the left wants of black people. Don't aspire. Just hate.