ACLU Accused of "White Supremacy" for Posting Picture of Flag-Waving Child

When the intersectional left talks about "white supremacy", they don't mean Neo-Nazis. They just mean white people. It's interchangeable with white people.

These days the ACLU is under fire because it supports free speech. (Sometimes.) When the ACLU was defending Islamic terrorists, the left loved them. But now they must be made to concede (more) that free speech should be subservient to the intersectional agenda. And with the intersectional inqusition, that means finding some sort of microaggression and then denouncing it.

The ACLU posted a photo of a kid in their "free speech" onesie waving a flag. The kid had the misfortune of being white. And the intersectional inquisition pounced.


3 guesses what happened next? So the ACLU apologized. Because the left has all the backbone of a flounder when it comes to standing up to its own hateful extremists. Of course that wasn't enough.
And so it went... And then come the attacks on free speech on behalf of the oppressed "marginalized peoples" who are being ruthlessly murdered 24/7 The "right side of history" is the Soviet Union.