Teacher Busted for Threatening Cops at Black Lives Matter Protest


If you can actually stomach the video, Ed Sheerin, an aging white leftist, is violently screaming insults at a line of police officers. And he's not alone. Some of the Black Lives Matter racist and younger leftist punks taunt the officers as cowards who are afraid of them.

The climax comes when he tells the police to come to his house. Spoiler alert. They do. And Ed isn't nearly as tough as he thinks.

A Philadelphia public school teacher has been charged in connection with an altercation with police during a protest near the statue of Frank Rizzo, the city’s former mayor and police commissioner, outside the Municipal Services Building earlier this month, authorities said Saturday.

John Edward Sheerin, 63, of the 6200 block of Hasbrook Avenue in the city’s Crescentville section, was arrested without incident Friday night and charged with terroristic threats and harassment for allegedly making verbal threats of violence to a Philadelphia police officer, police said.

Sheerin is a teacher at the Julia de Burgos School in North Philadelphia, according to School District payroll records.

Here's the behavior that Sheerin was modeling.

In a video of the incident posted to Twitter, Sheerin can be heard approximately halfway through the recording berating an officer — calling him a “gutless bitch,” “f***ing coward” and “punk-ass motherf***er,” and telling him “you’re f***ing done.”

He also screams at the cop to “lose his f***in’ badge and gun” followed by what sounds like “I f***in’ carry.” He then bellows that he’ll give the cop his address so he can “knock on [his] door.”

Apparently Ed discovered that prison cells are hard.

“I really can’t believe you guys stayed out there all night. It must have been so uncomfortable. But I learned something about discomfort from my first night in a cell. There’s nothing SOFT in a cell!” Sheerin wrote.

It's a real education.

Late Saturday morning, Asa Khalif, a leader of Black Lives Matter Pennsylvania, posted on Facebook: “Our comrade is home safe and sound. This man is a true soldier in the fight for justice. Proud to have him as a friend and ally. Thanks John Sheerin. #Salute” …

It takes a real hero to yell things at police and then whine about how hard his jail cell is.

And like father, like son.

In July, Sheerin’s son Christopher was one of three people arrested during a fracas between pro- and anti-Trump activists in the city. According to Philly Voice, the younger Sheerin “was seen punching a Trump supporter in the face and pulling the American flag from him.”