The Despicable Way ACORN, MoveOn and Sarsour are Exploiting Hurricane Harvey Victims

Linda Sarsour is getting much of the blame for this. And she deserves at least some it. The Dem Islam advocate is a nasty bigot and has a history of dubious fundraising gimmicks. Like the one that was supposed to go to vandalized Jewish cemeteries. But this particular fundraising gimmick has been spread widely across the progsphere. is also guilty of it. Along with other lefty groups.

The gimmick is simply and despicable.

Sarsour and MoveOn, among others, call for donations to the "Harvey Hurricane Relief Fund".The actual name of the fund is the "“Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund”.

The word "community" should be ringing a bell.

The “Hurricane Harvey Community Relief Fund” is a project of the “Texas Organizing Project Education Fund,” As its Soros page states (yes, it's funded by the old Hungarian Nazi collaborator), "The Texas Organizing Project Education Fund is a Houston-based statewide organization promoting social and economic equality for low- to moderate-income Texans through community organizing and civic engagement."

They'll be helping "devastated communities" by "shining a spotlight on inequalities that emerge in the restoration of lives, livelihoods, and homes".

In other words, this isn't going for immediate aid, but to a community organizer group that's already swimming in cash which promises to use it for its left-wing political advocacy, which it claims will help hurricane victims. Eventually. Maybe.  

The fund in question is an ACORN spinoff which has been accused of illegalities before.

Here's how its former director's bio describes it...

 TOP and TOPEF conduct strategic, year-round community organizing centered on issue-based campaigns, and engage thousands of low-income, minority voters during election cycles.

Currently they work to defend illegal aliens, push socialized medicine and wreck educational standards.