Sessions vs McMaster: It's Lie Detector Test Time

This is just a report. And it's not necessarily accurate. 

But Attorney General Sessions is probably trying to rattle an NSC full of Obama holdovers who are being protected by McMaster with talk of lie detector tests. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is considering giving lie detector tests to the  entire staff of the National Security Council (NSC) in an effort to weed out leakers, Axios reported on Sunday.

The attorney general’s idea is reportedly to have every NSC staffer interrogated about the leaked transcripts of phone conversations between President Trump and world leaders.

I imagine McMaster would quit or threaten to quit if there was any move forward on such a plan. And Kelly would have to choose between McMaster and Sessions. Considering the current track record, I suspect McMaster would win this one. But part of an investigation is about rattling suspects. You make a move and the other side responds. 

Sessions warned that the DOJ was open for business. Now he's warning that he will go through the NSC with a fine tooth comb and that individuals will be targeted. Of course he's making himself a target. 

And that may be the idea. 

Will the NSC leaker(s) go after Sessions?