Legalizing Public Defecation Doesn't Help the Homeless

Here's a little stop on the progressive "good intentions" tour bus to hell.

The pro-crime lobby has been pushing to "decriminalize" a variety of offenses including public urination and defecation. Why should quality of life matter? Why should you have the right not to have the front of your house used as a toilet? Private property is passe. Broken windows policing is a school to prison pipeline that is nothing less than modern day slavery.

California is ground zero for the pro-crime lobby's efforts. Here is how that's working out.

San Diego has begun sanitary street washing efforts after county officials demanded the city act on a plan to address the “fecally contaminated environment” downtown. The city and county have been wrestling with a way to address an ongoing hepatitis A outbreak that has been linked to at least 15 deaths and 400 hospitalizations. 

On Monday, crews began the effort by spraying down East Village sidewalks with a bleach solution. San Diego mayoral spokeswoman Craig Gustafson said the cleanings are scheduled to occur three times a week, every other week, according to CBS8.

“By disinfecting our sidewalks and making additional public restrooms available 24/7, we’re following the direction of County health officials to address the unsanitary conditions that have helped fuel this outbreak,” Gustafason said, according to the San Diego Tribune. “We’re taking swift action to eradicate this virus from our streets and keep our most vulnerable residents safe.”

Nobody's being protected. They're being enabled.

You can't legitimize bad behavior under the guise of protecting people from its consequences. It will always catch up to them. Legalizing drugs will have serious consenquences. So is legalizing public defecation. So is subsidizing homelessness.

What the left never understands is that you can't outrun cause and effect. All you're doing is making the avalanche of bad consequences bigger.