Amnesty Will End America

Politicians hate the "A" word almost as much as they hate the "I" word. But things should be called by their rightful names.

Legalizing illegal aliens is amnesty. It's amnesty even if they supposedly don't have a path to citizenship (don't worry, they will). It's amnesty even if only impacts a few million instead of tens of millions.

The recent history of amnesty shows us that...

1. The actual amnesty will always be bigger than what we're told

2. The enforcement being traded off for amnesty won't happen

It's that simple.

Having a wall would be nice. But fixing fences and throwing in a few drones isn't a barrier, it's an upgrade. And trading amnesty for border security is exactly what McCain, Rubio and Paul were offering us all along. Border security is non-negotiable. And it already exists. Much of it is enforcing the law.

Tightening security at the border would be nice, but amnestying millions of illegal aliens in exchange for fixing fences and adding some more border patrol personnel is like selling your house so you can buy a doormat. 

It's the worst deal ever.

Forget everything else. Amnesty turns districts and swing states blue. The Democrats have the math on how they can make it impossible for Republicans to win a presidential election ever again.

If that happens, it doesn't matter how many cherries you put on the cake. It's over. And Obama II and Obama III will dismantle whatever border security there is. And then Obama IV will take apart America.

That's what amnesty means. It's why Dems want it so badly. It's why so many establishment Republicans are happy to give it to them.

Another amnesty will end America.