We Used to Have 4th of July Military Parades All the Time

Here's your media manufactured Trump outrage of the day.

President Trump Says He Wants a Parade to Show 'Military Strength' on July 4 - Time

Trump wants his own military parade after being wowed by France's - Politico

President Trump Just Said He's Planning A Military Parade For July 4th - BuzzFeed News

Cue the "fascist dictator" media routine.

Except France didn't invent military parades. We have them all the time. And we had them on the 4th. Right from the start.

In Philadelphia the Declaration of Independence was publicly read on July 8. In Williamsburg, a celebration occurred on 25 July. Included in the demonstration of joy were readings of the Declaration of Independence "at the Capitol, the Courthouse, and the Palace, amidst the acclamations of the people," a military parade, and the firing of cannon and musketry (Virginia Gazette, 26 July 1776)

So that was always the tradition.

Here's how Lincoln celebrated the 4th.

The day began with artillery salutes fired at daybreak from batteries in and around the city and the tolling of church bells.  Later in the the morning, a parade of 20,000 New York soldiers marched down Pennsylvania Avenue and pass a Presidential reviewing stand. 

Thomas Jefferson reviewed military parades in 1803, 1804, 1807 and 1808.  As did Madison in 1811 and 1812. 

So it's nothing new. But the left and its media shouters are ignorant of basic history. And they celebrate their ignorance by tearing down statues and burning books.