After Leftist Commits Suicide by Cop, Georgia Tech Leftists Riot

Of all the stupid anti-police riots, this must be the single dumbest and unjustifiable riot ever.

Here's what happened. 

Scout Shultz, a mentally ill student at Georgia Tech who was the president of the campus Pride Alliance, decided to commit suicide by cop. 

Police made contact with Schultz outside a campus parking garage after they received a 911 call at 11:17 p.m. on Saturday, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The original call reported that Schultz was also carrying a gun, officials said.

In a video taken by a witness, Schultz can be heard yelling "Shoot me!" at police, as they give orders to drop the knife.

The original call had been placed by Schultz.

"Nobody wants to hurt you," an officer says in the video.

But as Schultz continued to ignore the officers' commands and stepped forward with the knife, a single shot rang out, and Schultz's screams could be heard.

This was Schultz's goal from the beginning. He placed the original call. And left behind multiple suicide notes. And then advanced on the officers.

It has been determined that Shultz made the 911 call to Georgia Tech Police alerting them of a suspicious person on campus. In the call Shultz describes the person as a white male, with long blonde hair, white t-shirt & blue jeans who is possibly intoxicated, holding a knife and possibly armed with a gun on his hip.

A total of 3 suicide notes were located in Shultz’s dormitory room.

Could the officers have handled the situation differently? Maybe. But it's a tricky area. And Shultz had told them he had a gun. That made him a more serious threat. 

The bottom line though is that Schultz had sought exactly this outcome. He wanted to be shot by police.

So of course it's time to attack police officers and stage another peaceful riot.

The protests broke out after a peaceful vigil for Georgia Tech student Scout Schultz.

A police vehicle was set on fire, two officers suffered minor injuries and one officer was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries during the "violent protests on campus," according to the university.

At one point, Georgia Tech police ordered students to stay inside and lock their doors, while off-campus students were told to remain off campus.

“Seek shelter in a secure location until further notice. Lock all doors and windows. Take Immediate Action Now,” the Georgia Tech Department said in a tweet at 9:28 p.m. Monday.

Funny how those peaceful protests lead to injuries and riots.

In an exclusive interview with our partners at the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Scout's mother Lynne says her oldest child was active in progressive causes and was a brilliant student despite having medical problems.

She told the paper, "(Scout) suffered from depression and attempted suicide two years ago."

And now he succeeded. And there are riots because a left-wing activist successfully committed suicide by cop. Because the police are always wrong. Even when the guy they shot did everything humanly possible to make the police shoot him.