Meathead to Investigate Vast Russia Conspiracy

Never fear, good people. The problem is almost solved now that Meathead is here.

Rob Reiner Helps Launch Committee to Investigate Russia

Do you even need anything more than that headline?

Director Rob Reiner is joining a new group called the Committee to Investigate Russia, to highlight what is known about the Russian threat to interfere with American elections and other institutions.

The committee was scheduled to go live with a website on Tuesday at, as well as a video featuring Morgan Freeman. Reiner and David Frum of The Atlantic were expected to announce the launch of the group.

Sure, why not. Can someone invite David Hasselhoff to get on the case?

In an interview, Reiner said that they are hoping to be a “one-stop shop where people can come and be made aware pop what the breaking news stories are today, the various investigations, what stages they are in, but also to the understand the history, and what the Soviet Union and now Russia has been trying to do for many, many years.”

Rob Reiner wants people to understand what the Soviet Union is... now?

Good morning, Moscow.

Better late than never I guess. Can he start by admitting that there was a serious problem with Communist inflitration? I'll wait. I've got this magazine and this bottle of Coke and I'll wait.

He also said that a goal is to understand “what cyberwarfare is all about.”

There are tubes. Lots of tubes.

He said of his latest effort, “Success will be when we have some kind of bipartisan commission outside of our current political structure that can really look at this and make real recommendations as to what can be done to make our country and our democracy more secure.”

Voter ID.