John Kerry Won't Rule Out Losing Another Presidential Election

John Heinz Kerry, the other Obama Secretary of State to lose a presidential election, and a thrice decorated veteran by the Viet Cong, the Sandanistas and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, won't rule out losing another presidential election.

Former senator and Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday he has no plans to run for president in 2020, but didn't rule out the idea.

But he'll only be 76. And the Dems just don't have enough spry 76 year olds running for president.

Scarborough noted that Kerry is younger than some of the Democrats who might run against President Trump in 2020, such as Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Gotta get that youth vote.

The youth of today can't relate to Bernie Sanders, who will be 79 by then. They need a youthful 76-year-old like John Kerry. Or Joe Biden, at only 77.

The only question is can Kerry convince John Edwards to come out of the retirements so the two Johns can take another shot at national humiliation together.