New Poll Shows Democrats are the New Socialist Party

Remember back in the day when there was a difference between Democrats and Socialists?

Don't look now, but there is no difference.

The only reason Bernie Sanders doesn't identify as a Democrat is branding. The Morning Consult poll shows the party is much closer to him.

The poll asked how many people support Gov medicine aka Single Payer aka Death Panels for All

Overall support is at 49 to 35 percent. Among Dems, 39% strongly support Death Panels for All. 28% somewhat support it. Among Republicans, around a third support it, 52% oppose it. 

It's unclear how many would still support if if they were told that the Sanders plan would outlaw private insurance.

The poll also gauged the level of support for "Basic minimum income" aka free money for all aka universal welfare funded by working people.

43% overall support and 39% oppose. (Yes, we're in bad shape.)

30% of Dems strongly support it. 25% somewhat support it for a total of 55% support. Among Republicans, total support is in the thirties. 

At this rate, why don't the Dems just rebrand as the Socialist Party.