Berkeley Brought in SPLC Before Free Speech Week Cancellation

Where the Southern Poverty Law Center makes its appearance, censorship soon follows.

Things were no different with the Berkeley Free Speech Week which appears to have been sabotaged and undermined by the college, according to the Berkeley Patriot. And where there's underhanded censorship, there's the SPLC.

Oscar Dubón, vice chancellor of equity and inclusion, said at the opening of the event that Ryan Lenz’s talk was part of Berkeley’s commitment to open dialogue on campus...

“This is a group of people that wants to piss you off; this is a group of people that wants to trigger you, as they say” Lenz told the crowd of roughly 100 people in the Multicultural Community Center. 

Lenz is with the SPLC. And the event was "organized by the campus’s Division of Equity and Inclusion". Which not only makes it very obvious where Berkeley's sympathies lie, but the SPLC doesn't campaign for free speech, but by silencing its targets.

You don't invite the SPLC for open dialogue. You do it to shut down open diaologue. 

And that is what Berkeley really wanted. Which is typical.

On January 30, 2015, UC Berkeley’s office for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity posted an article on its website titled “Rhetoric of racism, from Ferguson to Palestine” that defended Hamas terrorism, claiming that “Hamas is a political party that has been under siege, along with the entirety of the Gaza Strip, for the last seven years and under Israeli military occupation since 1967.” 

Hamas and the SPLC.