End the NFL's Anti-Trust Exemption

Forget the boycott.

People should boycott the NFL, and especially those teams guiltiest of promoting anti-American hate, but President Trump and Congress has a much more effective blunt tool against the NFL.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) is expected to take the lead at a hearing Thursday held by the Judiciary Committee. Blumenthal introduced a bill this week to end the “blank check” anti-trust exemption for America’s major sports leagues and instead make them seek a renewal every five years.

Only a league on its best behavior would see its exemption renewed after undergoing a congressional review. 

That was over domestic violence. That's serious. But the NFL's display of hatred for America is more serious.

If Republican senators aren't too beholden to NFL lobbyists, they should move on this. Hearings would at the very least send a clear message to the NFL.

There's no reason that the NFL should be getting a sweetheart anti-trust exemption even while it displays the lack of gratitude and hostility that is so typical of the left to this country.