The Left's Double Standard on Firing Employees for Their Speech

When James Damore, a Google engineer, proposed some suggestions for promoting women in coding by recognizing that the genders have different orientations, he was fired.

Google fired him after vocal urging from the left. And the media defended and celebrated his firing. It did so just as vocally as it's defending the NFL players and owners expressing their hatred for America and the Anthem. And as vocally as it's attacking President Trump for suggesting that anti-American NFL players who put their black nationalist politics ahead of America be fired.

And this is typical.

It was okay to fire James Damore because the left found his speech offensive. It's not okay to fire NFL players because the left likes their speech.

The only principle at work here is the supremacy of the left. And that's always the case. The left has no consistent position on free speech. Or on the right of employees to engage in controversial speech at their workplace.

It does have a very comprehensive position on its own rightness. And the wrongness of everyone who disagrees.

Today's leftist has no principles that apply across the board. That's why he's for censoring the free speech of people he doesn't like. All the left has now is a sense of absolute entitlement to power.

And that entitlement is pushing us deeper into conflict. It's fracturing any kind of common ground. And destroying faith in the very idea of principle. Why bother be principled? Just win.

That's what the left is doing. But there's a big difference between winning battles and maintaining a sustainable society. People are not stupid. Many of them may not be able to articulate it, but they have no difficulty seeing a society run on bad faith where having political and cultural power means you can get away with anything.