Second Generation Dem Governor Born in New York Claims He's An Immigrant

If Sheila Jackson Lee can be a "freed slave", why can't Mario Cuomo's idiot son be an immigrant? 

But this is what happens when you spend so much time virtue signaling and herding that you lose touch with basic reality and the meanings of words. If you can be transgender, why can't you be transimmigrant?

Though his father was also a governor of New York, the current governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, told MSNBC: "We believe in immigration in New York. We are a state of immigrants. I am an immigrant." 

Andy is the grandson of immigrants. He basically inherited his job. He was married to a Kennedy. He's a long way from the old country. But that doesn't seem to stop his posturing.


As always, with Dem pols, you have to play the "Liar or Idiot" game. 

Does Andy really not know the definition of "immigrant" or is he blurring the lines for political gain? Lefties already blurred the line between illegal aliens and immigrants. Why not between immigrants and citizens. Or between Andrew Cuomo and a mashed potato.

Still there is a very convenient piece of legislation.

Amid the national debate over immigration, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday issued an executive order that bans state agencies and State Police from asking about or disclosing an individual's immigration status in most cases.

Better not ask Andy.