Should the Veterans of Foreign Wars Have to Apologize to Colin Kaepernick?

Remember when anyone questioning the racist black nationalist slogan Black Lives Matter or its racially motivated harassment of "white spaces" was forced to retract or apologize? If you wanted the Thanksgiving Parade to go on as usual, you had to apologize.

Now disrespecting the national anthem has become the new Black Lives Matter. If you stand for the anthem, you're disrespecting the millionaire racists like Colin Kaepernick. 

The Steelers forced former Army Ranger Alejandro Villanueva to apologize for standing for the anthem. 

President Trump is under attack for criticizing the NFL's war on America.

Now the Veterans of Foreign Wars and The American Legion don't appear to be fans of disrespecting America either. How dare they? Don't they understand the sacrifices that Colin Kaepernick has made against this country?

NFL players making use of sports events to disrespect the American flag is unacceptable, VFW’s national commander Keith Harman, a Vietnam combat veteran, said in a statement Monday.

“There is a time and place for civil debate, and wearing team jerseys and using sporting events to disrespect our country doesn’t wash with millions of military veterans who have and continue to wear real uniforms on real battlefields around the globe,” Harman said.

American Legion National Commander Denise H. Rohan joined VFW in attacking the NFL players who knelt during the national anthem as “misguided and ungrateful.”

Keith Harman was a door gunner in Vietnam. But Colin took a knee. So we know who the greater hero is if you're an urban leftist metrosexual who constantly shares Mic and Buzzfeed articles about transgender Muslims clapping back on Twitter about how beautiful they are.

Isn't it time the VFW apologize to that Great Unamerican Hero, Colin Kaepernick and all the other millionaire racists who love seeing American presidents on their money, but hate America?