Lefties Protest Attorney General Sessions by "Taking a Knee"

Taking a knee really is the new planking. It's stupid and increasingly makes no sense.

This started with millionaire anti-American NFL racists refusing to stand for the anthem. Now they're refusing to stand for... Attorney General Sessions. Outside the place where he's speaking. Sure it's stupid and makes no sense. But we're dealing with a political movement that knows absolutely nothing except how to express its latest #resistance tantrum to deal with its medicated angst.

Georgetown University Law Center professors plan to take a knee outside of the campus auditorium where Attorney General Jeff Sessions is scheduled to speak Tuesday.

One law student said they hope to have 100 students and faculty members participate in the peaceful protest during Sessions' speech.

A "peaceful" protest that doesn't end with looted stores, torched cars and badly injured police officers would be a step up for the left.

“To demonstrate the irony in a Trump administration official advocating for free speech on campus, some students plan to place duct tape over their mouths to represent that the administration has silenced more voices than they have emboldened. The students will then remove the duct tape to voice questions they would like to ask the attorney general over a megaphone.”

So Georgetown law students don't know what irony is either. How unsurprising.

But they do know how to get down on one knee. Sort of.


I'm not sure if those expressions are anger or discomfort from kneeling on a stone pavement. 

Narcisstic virtue signaling display of hatred for the political opposition accomplished.

Participation trophies all around. Now it's time to do some pro-bono work for Islamic terrorists.